Mc Donald's Secret Sauce Revealed by One of Chain's Own Gourmet Chefs (VIDEO)

A how-to offered by Mc Donald's on their Big Mac recipe has some howling, although it's not exactly the secret sauce unveiling that's charged up all of the enthusiasm.

Why go to Mc Donald's when you can make your very own Big Mac at home? Never mind that the end result will look nothing like the restaurant version (the how-to chef failed on this part), it might still taste the same. Especially if you use all of the same ingredients as McDonald's gourmet chef, like fresh and local produce.

"We have a question here from Christine ... what is in your special sauce?" chef tell says, and so the riot begins.

McDonald's executive chef Dan Coudreaut, takes his first step by grilling all of the freshly cut produce which he confirms can be bought at your local grocery store.

Ever wonder how Mc Donald's get's their patties so thin? Alas the mystery is solved as the chef smashes in some fresh ground beef into a metal ring.

"Just like in our restaurants," Coudreaut says of the metal device before adding that the same beef can be found in the local grocery store as well.

As for the secret sauce, well that's no secret, says the chef ,who admits that the recipe has been in stores and on the Internet for years. A mixture of mayonnaise, relish, white wine vinegar and few other spices, the chef goes on to explain the importance of the flavor make up.

The chef is very careful about pounding the meat, washing his hands (hey, that's raw meat after all and 100 percent beef), sending it off to sizzle, and hand seasoning it with a dash of salt and pepper.

"Just like we do in our restaurants," he adds.