McAfee to US After Deportation; Engineer Has 'Nothing'

John McAfee is back in the United States today after being deported by Guatemalan officials. He had been on the run from Belizean authorities for nearly two months after it was announced he was wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor.

"I'm happy to be going home," McAfee told reporters before boarding the flight from Guatemala. "I've been running through jungles and rivers and oceans and I think I need to rest for a while. And I've been in jail for seven days. I'm just going to hang in Miami for a while. I like Miami."

McAfee's ordeal began when his neighbor, Gregory Faull, another American living in Belize, was found dead. Police wanted to question McAfee, but he went on the lam in order to avoid said questioning. Throughout the run, McAfee maintained that Belizean officials wanted to kill him, according to Reuters.

He fled to Guatemala, but one day later was arrested for entering the country illegally and had been held in a Guatemalan prison for seven days. During that time, McAfee requested asylum but allegedly fell ill, though he told ABC News it was all a ruse in order to buy more time in the safety of the country.

"It was a deception but who did it hurt? I look pretty healthy, don't I?" he asked ABC News reporters.

Now that he is back in the United States, McAfee is looking forward to starting a new life.

"I was met by a dozen or maybe fewer officers [at the airport]. I said, 'Am I arrested?' They said, "No sir, I am here to help you.' That felt the best of all," he said.

"I have nothing now," McAfee admitted. "I've got a pair of clothes and shoes. My friend dropped off some cash."

Even though McAfee is safe, he said he is now working to make sure his 20-year-old and 17-year-old girlfriends are safe and out of Belize. Right now he is not sure as to their condition but is fearful that the Belizean government may retaliate against them.