McDonald's Chicken Wings Coming Soon? Chicago Next Test Flight City (VIDEO)

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(Photo: AP Images / Matt Sayles)Customers enter a McDonald's restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday, July 28, 2008.

McDonald's chicken wings could be added to the fast food restaurant's menu in the near future, according to new reports. The wings have already undergone testing in one United States' city, and will now be rolled out to another city this week, according to reports.

The global fast food giant is set to expand a test of how popular chicken wings would be on its menu, byt taking the test to Chicago this week, after a previously successful run in Atlanta.

The restaurant will be following its usual chicken menu strategy, and like its McChicken Nuggets will be offering the chicken wings in portion sizes of three, five or 10. It has been touted that McDonald's will start pricing the wings from $3.

Although the plans for Chicago have been confirmed by MCDonald's employees, it has also been confirmed that the company has no firm plans to expand the test to other cities just yet.

McDonald's, which has 14,000 outlets in the United States alone, is thought to be playing things patiently and not rushing in to implementing chicken wings into its menu too quickly.

Some reports have claimed that McDonald's could ultimately back down from introducing chicken wings on its menu due to the escalating price of chicken wings recently.

In December 2012 the cost of wholesale chicken wings was a massive 26 percent more expensive that in December 2011, according to The Associated Press.

One potential nationwide roll out strategy could be to introduce the wings as a limited time special. McDonald's has run similar types of campaigns in the past; rather than implementing new items into their menu permanently, it instead tests popularity by fiercely advertising the special additions to their menu, and promoting them as only available for a limited time.

If they become popular the company could then either implement the item into the permanent menu, or test the waters further by reintroducing another special limited time deal at a future date.

Meanwhile chicken wings have already been previously been released in other country's by McDonald's. Here is a video ad for McDonald's chicken wings in Turkey: