McDonald's Unveils 3 New Quarter Pounder Burgers Slated for Mid-June

McDonald's is adding 3 new quarter pounder burgers to their menu and eliminating the Angus beef brand in favor of a cheaper, better meal.

The new quarter pounders will offer the customer a more affordable product while still being able to have a premium burger by scaling back the price and using better ingredients.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the new burgers will come in bacon and cheddar cheese, deluxe (tomato, lettuce, onion), and habanero ranch. They will also be swapping the bun to a more healthy whole grain variation, and the bacon will go from hickory smoked to apple wood.

"We've had some feedback from our consumer that our bacon may not have been as high quality or met their expectations but we just in the process of rolling out a new bacon system wide," said chief marketing officer of McDonald's USA, Neil Golden, in an interview with The Chicago Tribune. "We feel like that bacon is a fabulous enhancement to many of our products" such as the chain's premium McWraps and chicken sandwiches.

The new line of quarter pounders were already tested the past nine months in a few locations in Sacramento, Calif. and Toledo, Ohio and should be rolled out to stores in mid-June, according to the fast food chain.

Greg Watson, Senior Vice President of menu innovation at McDonald's USA, said the quarter pounder hadn't been "tinkered" much since it's inclusion to the menu in 1971, and the company has seen huge growth when reintroducing an already known product such as chicken nuggets and the Big Mac, reported The Washington Post.

On the elimination of the Angus quarter pounders, "Once we created these burgers, we didn't see the need for the Angus line," he said. "The Quarter Pounder will be an even greater value than the Angus burgers."