McIlroy-Wozniacki Breakup Rumors: 'Don't Believe All You Read' Say Tennis Player

Both former World champions in their respective sports, rumors have surfaced that Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and golf player Rory McIlroy are splitting. The couple however, has denied any such rumors.

Sources reported to an Irish paper last week that McIlroy had split with his girlfriend of two years, Caroline Wozniacki. The pair has been dating since 2011 and both are currently in New York, McIlroy for The Barclays and Wozniacki for the US Open.

In the report the source alleged that Wozniacki was "utterly distraught" over the split, which McIlroy was trying to keep quiet about for the time being.

"They're done, it's over," the source told Ireland's Independent.

But both star athletes have taken to Twitter to deny any such rumor. Wozniacki acknowledged that she had changed her Twitter picture, which previously showed McIlroy in her profile, but added that the change did not allude to a split.

"Since my profile pic made big headlines I better change it again lol..," she wrote on her Twitter account with that tag "dontbelieveallyoureadinpapers."

McIlroy, a former two-time champion who won the U.S. Open in 2011 and the PGA Tour in 2012, also suggested that rumors about his split with Wozniacki were false.

"I'd love to know who this guy source is..." the golf player wrote on his Twitter account, presumably referring to the rumors in the paper. "Seems to pop up in the papers all the time and is wrong 99.9% of the time!"

A reporter for also slammed rumors that the couple had split after the pair was seen having dinner together in New York.

"Re the rumored Rory-Wozniacki split. Not true. The two had dinner together in NYC last night & he'll be at her match Tuesday," Brian Wacker wrote on his Twitter account.