McKayla Maroney 'Impressed' With 7Up Ten, Signs on as Spokeswoman

McKayla Maroney has not been impressed by much, but the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group finally managed to impress her with their newest drink. The Olympic medalist has signed on as the official spokeswoman for 7Up TEN and the newest line of "TEN" beverages for the company.

The Dr. Pepper Snapple Company is releasing a line of 10-calorie drinks for those who are concerned they are taking in too many sugary calories. The remade drinks include 7Up, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist, RC Cola and Canada Dry. Each 12-ounce can only has 10 calories.

"We took on the challenge of impressing McKayla Maroney and we did it," Regan Ebert, senior vice president of marketing told Bloomberg News. "We have a great tasting, low calorie soft drink and consumers everywhere, including McKayla, tell us that 7Up Ten is a winner."

"Obviously I'm not easily impressed," Maroney joked. "Other brands have approached me to try their products and talk about then, but 7Up Ten stopped me in my tracks. It's the first brand that has really impressed me because the soda is just so good! It's got all of the flavor I want without all the calories of regular soda. It's a 'Perfect TEN' in my book," she said.

In order to help launch the event, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has produced a "Ten Station" that will appear in New York City's famed Penn Station. Travelers will be able to sample the new drinks and meet Maroney.

Maroney, of course, became famous not only for her gymnastic ability, but for her pout during the medal ceremony in which she received a silver instead of gold. Internet and Olympic enthusiasts quickly came up with the meme "McKayla Maroney is not impressed," and everyone from fans to President Obama jumped on the bandwagon and showed off their best "not impressed" face.

"What we're hoping is the fact that she's finally impressed will get digital buzz across the Internet," Ebert told The New York Times.