'Me Again' Offers Humor While Teaching Acceptance

"Me Again" is a family-friendly movie about getting back to one's self and God. It features an all-star cast with David A.R. White, Ali Landry, Della Reese and Bruce McGill. The movie's tag line warns: "Be careful what you pray for."

David A.R. White plays Rich Chaplin, a middle-aged pastor who is stuck in a rut and questions what his life would have been like had he made different choices. Chaplin is married to his childhood sweetheart, April, who has presented him with divorce papers.

As Chaplin becomes increasingly frustrated about his work, his family, and his relationship with God, he seeks solace in the church. However, as the movie says, "Be careful what you pray for." Chaplin prays to be "anybody except who I am" and is immediately taken on a whirlwind adventure. He is able to experience life through the eyes of a rich businessman, self-deprecating model, baby and fish all before returning to his life.

"Me Again" teaches audiences to be grateful for what they have rather than always wondering what may have been. Acceptance of life and one's self is key to having a happy and content life with God. This movie offers humor along with its serious lessons.

The Dove Foundation has given "Me Again" its Family Seal of Approval and rates it for ages 12 and up. It is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.