Meagan Good Feels Bad About How Her Actions Impact Husband

Meagan Good, the 32-year-old Christian actress, recently revealed that she feels bad that her husband and preacher DeVon Franklin may be looked upon negatively because of some of her actions.

Good presented the BET "Best Gospel Artist" award in a revealing blue dress with a plunging neckline at the network's awards ceremony last June. The Christian actress' wardrobe caused a number of people to take to social media networks like Twitter to question the actress who has been vocal about her faith in numerous interviews lately.

While Good said she did not feel wearing the dress was wrong, she admitted that she did not like the effect that it had on how people viewed her husband, who also serves as a Hollywood executive.

"...I'm confident in my decisions and I know my heart was in the right place when I chose the dress that I wore. And I know there will be other dresses down the line that people probably won't like but I know my relationship with God is tight and I don't think God is concerned about those kind of things," she told recently. " But regardless of that I still feel badly sometimes because I hate to see my husband come under fire just because people can be so narrow minded in their thought and in their approach."

However, Good said she didn't not feel people paid enough attention to the positive things she and her husband do.

"People don't look at all the good stuff you do like going to talk to kids in a prison and talking in churches, going to talk in youth groups...all these different things and all the positivity we're putting out their to build God's kingdom and to try to do your part to show people light and love," she told Bossip. "And it just kind of breaks my heart that people look for the one negative thing or the one thing that they think is negative and one way to kind of attack you and try to break down everything that you've done."