Meagan Good Gets Emotional at Church After Describing Judgement

Meagan Good recently broke down in tears when describing how she identifies with Christians who are judged for their appearance while speaking with husband DeVon Franklin at Pastor Toure Roberts' One Church International in Los Angeles.

Good and Franklin both appeared at the Los Angeles church on the night before Valentine's Day to reveal how God united them in holy matrimony. However, Good became emotional when she spoke about people judging her appearance and assuming that she was not a woman of God.

"What's really exciting for me is a lot of people know the background or perception or persona of me as the sexy girl or whatever it might be. What I realize was interesting that God was doing is one, I do feel sexy and comfortable with myself," Good told the church. "But what I realized is God was making it so I could appeal to a certain type of person. And that person is the person that is often told that they're cut out of God's promise because they have too many tattoos, because they have their cleavage out. Because of this, because of that because they don't look like a Christian should look."

Good, 31-year-old "Deception" actress, described why she felt so passionate about the topic after Roberts told her that she was the new face of what church is.

"I'm so passionate about what was constantly said to me. You're not a real Christian," Good said. "You're not this, you're not that. You're not good enough for this. And I love God so much."

The actress began to cry when speaking about her love for God.

"I love him with everything. To have people tell you that … my heart goes out to the misfits and underdogs and the people who are looked down upon and judged because of people looking down at their appearance and what they've been through and what they've experienced," Good said. "It breaks my heart. I realize what God put me in the position to do and it grows every day is to tell those people I look just like you."

Franklin, a SONY Executive and Seventh Day Adventist preacher, admitted that some people did not support the idea of him marrying Good because of their perception of her.

"Some were supportive, others were like what is going on? What happens good or bad is someone sees a public persona and they don't know you. They don't know about you," Franklin said at the One Church International event. "And based on what they know about you they think they know what is good for you. But they don't know you. 'He's a preacher and she's this.' It blew my mind how many people had an opinion."

Still, Franklin insisted that people may not agree with his decision to marry Good but that God is the entity that ultimately decided his fate.

"And I wrote about it in my book, God is the only one that directs our story. He knows where our story is going to go," Franklin said. "The danger is when we live for religion or when we live for other people's opinions we begin to let them develop our story when we don't know where the story is going."

Good supported her husband's point.

"It doesn't matter if you're in King magazine. At the end of the day that promise is for you too. God loves you too. There's nobody in this room that's better than you," Good told the church. "If I can impart that to people that feel left out and broken and worst off told by the church more so than anybody else who they're supposed to be that's not how God works. If God wants you to do something different, if he wants to change something about you whether it's your appearance, what you're doing for a living or whatever it is he will tell you. If you seek him on it, he will make it so clear for you."