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Meagan Good Says She's Blessed to Land 'Minority Report' on Basis of Her Talent, Not Skim Color

Meagan Good Says She's Blessed to Land 'Minority Report' on Basis of Her Talent, Not Skim Color

Actress Meagan Good takes part in a panel discussion of NBC Universal's new series "Deception" during the 2013 Winter Press Tour for the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, California, January 6, 2013. | (Photo: Reuters/Gus Ruelas)

Actress Meagan Good, who's been vocal about sharing how her faith has helped her break through racial barriers in Hollywood, has also said she feels blessed knowing that her latest role in "Minority Report" had more to do with her talent than the color of her skin.

"The character is colorless, and the cast — even though we are very multicultural, very diverse — we're just living breathing characters. And it's always a blessing that when people hire you, they hire you for being good at what you do and bringing what you bring to the character," Good, 34, told Ebony magazine.

"I think it has been definitely an incredible year for minorities as well, and I'm blessed to be in the forefront of that. Hopefully that will just continue to manifest and just be something that we see more often. But in this particular case, it's just exciting, because it's us, and we were hired for doing incredible work."

The Christian actress, who plays detective Lara Vega in the new FOX series, revealed that she prayed for the role while preparing to walk into a new season in her career.

"It's interesting because I prayed last year to do some action. I said, 'Lord, going into this new season as an actress, I really want an opportunity to do some action stuff. That's what I want this next phase to be about. I wanted to do some Angelina 'Tomb Raider; time,'" Good said in the blog Growing Pains Feel Good last July.

"I prayed about it for almost a year and the way that it came together was only God. I had turned down one opportunity that was very promising, definitely guaranteed, great money, but I knew in my spirit that it wasn't the right thing."

After the actress was given spiritual revelation about her career, she knew "Minority Report" was what she had been waiting for.

"I had been prophesied to three times the year before about being very careful about my choices and really seeking God about what to do. ... When 'Minority Report' came around, I knew that it was what I had been waiting for and I knew it was that opportunity."

Still, taking on the role proved far from easy: "I had asked for an elevation and that elevation didn't come without growing pains. I was not fully prepared for them. It was tough for me to be in a place that was kind of new territory where I had to learn some things for the first time-just as an actress and just elevating and work ethic. It's not what you put into it, you have to put everything into it.

"It definitely was an experience that I cherish and am thankful for. I feel way more prepared and I thank God everyday that He stretched me the way that He did and showed me that every time I want to go to the next level, it is going to hurt a little bit and things have to change. We have to mature and be prepared and know that it's going to require more than it did in the last season."


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