Meagan Good Talks Smoking Marijuana: 'I Literally Started Freaking Out'

Meagan Good, the 31-year-old Christian actress, recently revealed how she decided that smoking marijuana did not belong in her life.

Good spoke to BRealTV about the second time she tried to smoke marijuana and ended up in prayer while vowing never to put herself in that situation again.

"I literally started freaking out and then I prayed myself to sleep because I couldn't get my mind right," Good revealed to BRealTV. "Before I prayed myself to sleep I wrote myself a letter about why I shouldn't smoke and why I shouldn't drink and I read it the next morning ... it actually made sense."

Good has spoken out about drug use previously and even sparked a Twitter debate about the use of "molly" earlier this year.

Molly, the pure powder or crystal form of MDMA that is known for causing an euphoric effect, has been made popular in rap songs like Kanye West's "Mercy" and Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything." However, the actress is not happy with the rise of the drug's popularity.

"Popped da Molly, I got permanent psychosis, irreversible sexual dysfunction and brain bleeding WHOO," Good tweeted previously, changing the lyrics to James' song that has seemingly increased the drug's popularity.

While many seemed critical of Good speaking out against the drug, one person chastised her for speaking out against molly while being a cigarette smoker.

"Put up a tweet of the side effects of cigs you smoke," the person told Good on Twitter.

The actress did not hesitate to respond, explaining the difference between her smoking and people promoting the use of molly.

"That's actually a good idea But the difference is I'm not promoting/ glorifying something that's bad for you .. I'm actively quitting," she responded.

While Good faced some criticism, she also gained supporters after speaking out against the drug in front of fans on Twitter.

"Don't feed into them! They should be thanking you for educating them," another person tweeted Good. "I guess I'm lame too. God's children aren't meant to FIT IN!"

Good responded to the Twitter user by saying, "Amen."