Meagan Good Tells Christian Community To Love Kanye West

Meagan Good, the Christian actress, is calling for the Christian community to love rap mogul Kanye West amid his controversial claims like "I am God."

West, the 36-year-old rap mogul who is currently embarking on his "Yeezus" tour, has caused some debates within the Christian community about some his latest project and controversial statements. However, Good, 32, recently appeared on The Wendy Williams show where she told the talk show host about her thoughts on West's "Yeezus" movement as a Christian.

"I think that even Yeezus has brought up a lot of conversation about Jesus, moreso than I feel like there has been in the public, so I think that people have to give him a little space," Good told Williams. "He's a new father. He's not perfect."

Good went on to speak about the need for the Christian community to love West.

"He's a human being and he's said that this is what he believes, so let's let him and God worked that out and he's gonna be great," Good told Williams. "He's our brother. Now we gotta love on him."

Earlier this year Good posted a link to Twitter of an article called "Kanye West 'I'm A Disciple of Christ,'" which left some questioning if the 36-year-old Yeezus rapper was more a part of the world than the body of Christ.

"Those who 'come out' like a West and others who proclaim being a Christian and bear no fruit are deceiving themselves," the article posted on Good's Twitter stated.

Good prefaced the link by writing, "The Truth ... Love it!"

However, after some started to question the rapper's Christianity, Good defended her fellow entertainer and insinuated that people may have misunderstood her intentions for posting the article calling out West.

"It's interesting to me how people R so negative about my last post... He who is WITHOUT sin cast the first stone... We r ALL work in progress," Good tweeted. "When someone is trying to figure it out -and heading in the right direction -why would our negativity and abuse -cut them off in their path?"