Mega Millions Winner School Employees, the 'Three Amigos,' Win $35 Million Each

After a nearly month-long mystery, the mega jackpot suspense has been resolved. Three public school workers turned over the winning ticket in Maryland, penning themselves as the "Three Amigos."

A mass frenzy was raised when one Maryland McDonald's worker came forward announcing that she had won a third of the record $656 million jackpot in March. Days later fellow co-workers came forward and called foul, stating that the winning ticket must have been part of a pool, insisting that many of the workers had contributed money to buy a large number of tickets. The seemingly happy ending went sour quite quickly.

The strange thing, however, is that the single worker had never produced a winning ticket and merely told others that she had won. Since Maryland law allows lottery winners to stay anonymous, it seemed like the mystery was never to be solved.

That is of course, until the three amigos showed up- with winning lotto ticket in hand.

It appears now that no McDonald's workers will be scoring big on the big jackpot. Instead, three public school employees will be splitting the winnings.

The three friends also admitted to pitching in $20 each to purchase lottery tickets for a lotto pool. This story may have a happier ending because these three amigos are not opposed to sharing.

While the three have still chosen to remain anonymous, each will take home an estimated $35 million after opting for the lump sum. The adventure will then continue for the three, one who is an elementary school teacher, another an administrative assistant, and a third who is a special education instructor, as two head off to Europe.

The third amigo is staying home, with plans to put money towards his daughter's education. All three amigos however plan to play it smart, and have already booked a date with a financial adviser.