Megan Boken's Killers Arrested, Expected to Be Charged Today

Police in St. Louis have arrested two 18-year-old men for the murder of former Saint Louis University student Megan Boken, who was found shot to death inside her car earlier this week. Authorities believe her death was the result of a botched robbery.

Police Chief Dan Isom said a cell phone stolen eight days ago led them to the two men. When detectives traced the phone, one number repeatedly showed up on records, and authorities interviewed that young woman, who revealed that her boyfriend was one of the shooters.

Police then made the arrests, and the suspects, whose names have not been released, are currently in jail. They are expected to be charged with attempted robbery and the murder of Boken.

"I understand that the St. Louis Police Department apprehended several suspects in this case," Boken's father, Paul, said in a statement. "We are gratified with the progress in this case and with the efforts of the St. Louis Police Department. We are also very appreciative of the efforts of several people in the Central West End who came to our daughter Megan's aid after the incident."

It's a small comfort for the family and community of Saint Louis University, where Boken had received her degree. She was in town, visiting from her home in Wheaton, Ill. for a job interview and SLU volleyball reunion.

Witnesses said that Boken had argued with the man who opened her car door; he then opened fire at close range. He fired two shots into the vehicle before fleeing the scene. Boken was left with gunshot wounds to her chest and neck, and was subsequently pronounced dead at the hospital.

St. Louis has become increasingly dangerous and is one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the United States. In 2006, it was first named as the most dangerous city, and reclaimed that infamous title in 2010.