Megan Fox and Baby Bump Confirmation, Wants 'at Least 2 to 3 Kids' (PHOTO)

Despite a confirmation from the actress, rumors, backed by convincing pictures, continue to swirl around the claims that Transformers actress Megan Fox is pregnant.

The most recent photographs taken of Fox reveals the 26-year-old with a slight "baby bump," prompting some to continue rumors that the actress is pregnant. Making the photos even more convincing is the fact that she is holding her stomach in a soon-to-be motherly way.

Fox began dating her husband, Brian Austin Green, in 2004 when she was only 18. Green, 38, proposed to fox in 2006 and the pair married in 2009. Two months ago, a report ran that quoted Fox as coming across as conceited, but the comment was later retracted as Fox declared that she had been misquoted.

"I live well with my image, I can not complain, I would not trade my place with an ugly girl," Fox reportedly told French fashion magazine Jalouse in April.

Fox said the magazine had misquoted her and blamed a poor translation from French to English. Fox, who has had issues in the past with low self-esteem, said the quote couldn't be further from the truth.

"I've never made vapid self serving comments and in contradiction am uncontrollably self deprecating," Fox corrected in a statement regarding the quote.

Although Fox has failed to admit to being pregnant, she told Cosmopolitan magazine in a separate April interview that she had "always been maternal," admitting that she wanted at least "two or three kids."

Other reports have confirmed that sources are certain that the actress is pregnant.


"She'll be due at the very end of September or the first week in October," the source told Star magazine. "Megan is attached to a movie called Swindle, but it's in rewrites and probably won't even begin filming until next year. So right now her plate is totally clean, and she can devote herself to her baby.