Megyn Kelly Pregnant, Makes Announcement On-Air (VIDEO)

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly told the world she was pregnant during a Valentine's Day segment on "America Live" yesterday. It is the third pregnancy for Kelly and her husband Douglas Brunt.

"Every Valentine's Day we always struggle to find just the right gift and yet, this year I believe that we found the perfect solution. Happily, Doug and I are expecting another baby," Kelly said on air.

The "Live" cast then surprised Kelly with balloons and flowers and wished her all the best. Of course, according to Kelly, they already had their suspicions about another pregnancy.

"I've got to thank the crew out here, too," she said. "Because I come out and said, 'You know guys, I'm pregnant,' and they go, 'We know.' They know everything. They're like my brothers out here."

The newest member of Kelly's family is due this summer, along with a certain prince or princess from the United Kingdom.

Brunt and Kelly have one daughter, Yardley Evans, and son, Edward Yates. Ironically, the children are only two years apart, and the third Brunt baby will follow the same pattern.

Kelly has been a huge boost for Fox News, bringing a breath of fresh air and opinions to the channel. She began her career with Fox in 2004, producing segments for "The O'Reilly Factor" and "On the Record." After eight years, she was promoted to "America Live," which saw an immediate boost in ratings.

"There's not going to be a lot of stand-up shots in the near future, folks," Kelly jokingly told the "Live" viewers.

In 2011, when she was pregnant with her second child, she famously told viewers a list of what to never say to a pregnant woman.

"You see, pregnant women – especially the second time around – get bigger faster and we don't want to play the guessing game. If you ask me when I'm due and I'm vague, just be quiet. We both know you're wondering how I got so big so fast," she explained.

Watch the announcement HERE: