Megyn Kelly 'Scared' by Fox's New Graphic (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly, Fox News anchor, was "scared" by new graphics and sounds on her own channel. The anchor was in the middle of a show when Fox debuted the new alert system, startling Kelly before causing her to laugh at herself.

Kelly is one of the most popular personalities on Fox News, hosting "America Live" on weekdays after originally hosting "America's Newsroom." She and co-star Bill Hemmer also host Fox's annual New Year's Eve special, making her a regular name for the Fox News network.

She has a long history in journalism and a J.D. from Albany Law School. Kelly first started in journalism at ABC News' WJLA-TV, their Washington, D.C. affiliate, where she was able to cover the 2004 Presidential election and other national events. She also covered the Supreme Court hearings for both Samuel Alito Jr. and John Roberts.

Kelly's personality has allowed her to remain a mainstay of the Fox family, where she started in 2004. After eight years of producing segments for "The O'Reilly Factor" and "On the Record," she was bumped to "America Live," which saw a dramatic increase in viewers.

Of course, Kelly has spoken her mind on a number of subjects, giving her a reputation as a fireball and feisty. During coverage of the 2012 presidential election, she famously asked Karl Rove, who objected to Fox's declaration that Obama would win a second term, "Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better? Or is this real?"

Her questions caused quite a sensation both on and off the set, as it is unusual for one anchor to challenge another on-air, especially during such an important event. But Kelly has remained in the public's spotlight for doing things her own way, which included a revealing photo spread in "GQ" magazine two years ago.

Kelly is one of the most consistently searched people on the Internet, proving her popularity and the public's fascination with Fox's news anchor, according to New York magazine.

Watch Kelly's overreaction here::