Mel Gibson Divorce Finalized in LA Court

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson has finalized his divorce from his wife of 28 years.

The Oscar winning star’s attorneys appeared in a Los Angeles court, along with his ex-wife, on Friday to submit a proposed judgment to the judge.

The judge approved the proposed judgment and signed it into force just a few hours later.

The filing for the divorce was made in April 2009 by Robyn Gibson. That was just a few months prior to Gibson’s then-girlfriend giving birth to a daughter. It is believed that the couple in fact split three years earlier in 2006.

Since their split Gibson has been embroiled in a number of public controversies. In particular, he has been accused of anti-Semitic remarks, and has also taken part in a ferocious custody battle with Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva.

The former couple settled the heated dispute in August, after Gibson agreed to pay Grigorieva $750,000, and the couple agreed to share custody of their daughter.