Melissa Gorga Reacts to Cheating Allegations, Confronts Kim D (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @flygirljennifer"Real Housewives of New Jersey" pose for a group shot at a charity event

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga confronted renowned troublemaker Kim DePaola over cheating accusations that were made by a mutual friend.

On Sunday viewers watched as New Jersey based realtor, Jennifer Dalton, told Melissa, 35, that he close friend Jan had accused the reality TV star of cheating on her husband Joe, whom she shares three children with, despite their 8-year marriage.

"Your friend Jan is not a friend," because she told Teresa and the others that "you've been cheating on your husband and you guys have been messing around for a long time," Dalton told Melissa during a lunch date. "You don't need people like that in your life."

Dalton revealed that Melissa's sister-in-law and costar, Teresa Giudice, was present when Jan made the explosive claims during a girl's night out. DePaola was also present during the discussion which prompted Melissa to later confront the Posche fashion show organizer after bumping into her at a local restaurant.

"I wasn't in the mood to smell s---tonight," Melissa said. The reality star then proceeded to confront DePaola, saying she'd heard about the girls' night and them "talking s--- about me. You're always in the middle of this bull----. It's not your motherf------ business!"

"I'm not the one saying it," a stunned DePaola replied.

"This year I'm a cheater, last year I was a stripper!" Melissa countered.

The mother of three then bizarrely planted a passionate kiss on her husband Joe's lips before declaring "[we're] unf------ breakable!"

The episode comes months after Melissa's alleged ex-boyfriend, Bryan "Bulldog," reportedly claimed that he and Gorga did in fact have an extramarital affair. He also reportedly claimed that the aspiring singer only married Joe for money, according to

"While the women were taping at the Posche Fashion Show last year, the owner of the salon that set up Melissa last season with the whole strippergate thing again opens her mouth and hints to Teresa Giudice about an affair her sister-in-law had," a source previously revealed to

In a series of previous tweets, Bryan, who may make an appearance on the show, suggested that he would be joining the season five cast. He also alluded to having an "atomic bomb" that could rock the show.

"Time and a place for everything just know the phone call was an atomic bomb and not for me tick tick tick lol," Bryan tweeted.

The New Jersey native, who blasted Gorga as being "desperate to keep her fake image & fake fame," reportedly began dating her before she married her husband Joe.

"I remember the Friday nite u said 2 me, stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire...Keep talking… I will keep exposing ya 3 hamsters," he wrote in a series of tweets reportedly aimed at Gorga and her sisters.