Memphitz Tells His Side of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' K. Michelle Abuse Story for the First Time

Mickey "Memphitz" Wright is defending himself for the first time after months of speculation stemming from claims that he physically abused "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star K. Michelle.

Wright, a music industry executive who used to work with Jive Records where K. Michelle was once his artist, recently spoke to radio personality TT Torrez in his first official interview to defend himself against the singer's claims of physical abuse. After Torrez detailed the singer's claims about Wright covering her face with a pillow and abusing her, he seemed surprised to hear about the allegations of smothering K.Michelle.

"Oh my God O didn't hear that one. That's my first time hearing the pillow thing," the music producer said. "Oh wow."

Wright told Torrez that he had gotten into an argument with K.Michelle, born Kimberly Patton, after she ruined a meeting of his and he told her to go back to thier hotel room. He then detailed breaking up with the singer, before she allegedly started to turn violent.

"I went to the room and i said I'm done. We weren't at home so (I said) you might want to get somebody to get you I have an event going on at my cousins house," Wright recalled. "So i'm like 'i'm about to leave.' All of a sudden this is when I see it for the first time. The tazmanian devil starts swinging, throwing stuff at me."

The producer described covering her mouth and restraining the singer after she began to hit him, scream and throw things.

"I'm trying to get to the door, blocking punches. I'm at the door trying to explain to the housekeeping lady 'y'all call somebody because she's throwing things out the window,'" he said. "So I grabbed her arms, because i'm tired of taking 1,000 swinging punches from a girl. Yes, I grabbed her and held her arms down from hitting my (expletive) again."

According to Wright, the singer began screaming so loud that police later came to the hotel room. However, he said that it was the first and last time that authorities had to respond to a dispute between him and his significant other.

"I told her when the police were there, I have never been in the same room with a female and the police in my entire life and this will be the last," he said. "I don't get down like that."

While the producer said that he argued with the singer when they were romantically involved, he also said that the arguments never turned physical until she hit him. Wright said that it was disappointing that she chose to detail something on television that was not true.

However, the music executive said his attorneys were involved in the matter before the show aired.

"I'm really disappointed that (there's) somebody that could get on national t.v. and say this. You know why K. Michelle couldn't say my name on t.v.," he questioned. "Because I called my attorneys before that show came out and they called (producer) Mona Scottt and said 'do not say my client's name and defame his name because he says he didn't do that, unless your person on your show has proof that your client hit her and beat her.'"

While Wright defended himself by saying none of his ex-girlfriends have witnessed any aggressive behavior from him, he also said that Arienne, a current cast-member on the show once dated him. However, she never defended his character on the show, which has led the producer to believe that some are unhappy at him for marrying his wife of one year, Toya Wright.

While Wright admitted to being wrong for logging onto Twitter to tell K.Michelle "I made you," referring to the cosmetic surgery that he reportedly helped her get, he also defended his actions.

"Yes, I put you together in a form for the industry," Wright said, defending his statement about the singer. "And i knew it was going to sting because look what you just said about me. That's a lie. I don't hit girls."

Despite other people's thoughts on the matter, Wright said his wife and daughters know who he is.

"My wife knows me. My daughters know me. My friends, my family knows me," he said. "I forgive everybody. You can say what you want to say about me."

While he dismissed resolving issues with the singer by saying, "I'm not burying nothing with the devil," the producer said he wished the singer well.

"Anybody that has the mind to do this with somebody, i'm good," he said of resolving things with the singer. "Do what you do, I wish you all of the success in the world. I also hope that you go get help."