''Men in Black 3' Trailer Secrets Revealed

The Men in Black 3 trailer hit the Internet Tuesday and the nearly two-minute video revealed enough to take Twitter and other social networking Websites by storm.

The trailer begins with the classic MIB interactions.

We see some footage of Agents J and K (played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, respectively) and several startling, never-before-seen aliens, including one posing as graffiti in a back alley.

This is where the traditional part of the film ends. Agent J, for whatever reason, is denied access to particular files, and a cover-up is hinted at by K, who says, “I promised you the secrets of the universe, nothing more.”

“Well, what other secrets are there?” asks J quizzically.

A few more seconds into the trailer reveals plot twists like the death of Agent K, time travel, and- presumably after going back in time - a much younger Agent K, played by Josh Brolin.

The trailer has set the Internet abuzz with rumors and speculations, but due to the notorious tight-lipped actions of the crew, few details have been released.

To get more clarity on the trailer below, The Christian Post spoke with Justin Jenkins, a production assistant with the stunt division of the crew.

Jenkins cleared up some of the rumors about Brolin’s part in the film, telling CP that, “a big portion of the movie is done in the 60s. (Brolin) has a big part.”

This negates the possibility of Jones getting more screen time, since Brolin would be doing a majority of the acting.

Another major point of interest concerning the trailer was Smith, who managed to look nearly as young as when the first film was released in 1997. There was speculation that computer imaging was used, but Jenkins quickly debunked that myth.

“A lot of it is make-up,” Jenkins told CP.

He also commented on the older Smith’s stunts.
“When he goes back in the 60s, (Smith) has a stunt double. He’s a younger guy, but he looks just like him,” Jenkins told CP.

It is not surprising that a third “Men in Black” installment was made, even though it has been more than 10 years since the first critically acclaimed movie.

An unprecedented amount of sequels were made in 2011 - 27 in total - so it’s only logical that the MIB franchise try to get a piece of the filmmaking pie. The first two movies produced over $1 billion worldwide.

There was one question that the trailer did not answer: is this the end of Agents J and K?

Jenkins told CP, “they’re waiting to see how the movie comes out the way the script was written, there could be another one.”