Messing Divorce Guilt: 'I Wasn't Able to Give My Son the Fantasy' Life

A year after announcing her divorce from writer Daniel Zelman, Deborah Messing admits she feels guilt she couldn't make her marriage last.

Coming off of her second season with "Smash," which NBC announced would be its last, Deborah Messing is moving on with career in television. The actress announced last month that she will begin filming a half hour comedy for CBS. The show revolves around a working mom living in Brooklyn who is attempting to balance her own life.

"It's absolutely something that I identify with," Messing told Parade magazine in March.

Messing is currently attempting to co-parent her nine-year-old son Roman with ex-husband, Daniel Zelman. She and Zelman split last year after an 11-year marriage. But while Messing is coming to terms with the changes in her own life, she recently began dating "Smash" co-star Will Chase, she said in a more recent interview that she still has guilt when thinking about her dissolved marriage. Her guilt stems from concerns over her son.

"Part of me will always contend with guilt that I wasn't able to give my son the fantasy that my parents were able to give me," she told More magazine.

At the age of 44, Messing admits that she was expecting her marriage to last forever.

"We really tried," she told the magazine. "We made sacrifices and compromises, and in the end we both realized that we like the day-to-day domestic life."

Day-to-day was hard for Messing and her husband who both had work at opposite ends of the country. But for her, co-parenting isn't as challenging as it may sound.

"Now we are co-parenting beautifully … We had Thanksgiving together. In my mind, we will be a nuclear family forever," she added.

From an outsider's perspective, Messing is doing something right. Earlier this year she was honored with the Outstanding Mother Award from the National Mother's Day Committee.