Metta World Peace and Lamar Odom Consider Next Move

Since the Dallas Mavericks deactivated Lamar Odom this week a former teammate and childhood friend has come forward to offer some suggestions as to what Odom can do to keep his hands busy.

Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, played with Odom when he was on the Lakers, and in an interview with ESPN he has said that Odom could be the next great ball boy and even the best Boy Scout.

"Maybe he can come back and be a ball boy and then next year, come play," Metta World Peace told Dave McMenamin of

World Peace continued: "...He'd be the first ball boy in the NBA that can play. Come back; get the towels and next year, play. Why not? He should be a scout. Lamar should be a scout."

World Peace then whet on to explain that Odom would be a great scout who could really do well in nature.

"Lamar should just like for one month, just be a Boy Scout and wear the outfit," World Peace said. "Just have fun. You're getting paid."

He then added, "What's the biggest mountain in the world? [Odom] should hike it. He should go hike it. Do something that's never been done."

Whatever Odom decides to do one thing is for certain he will have his loving wife by his side to support him.

Odom's wife, Khloe Kardashian, had stated that she had no ill feelings towards the city of Dallas even though it was only for a few months. Kardashian posted her feelings on Twitter: "I loved Dallas and will miss it! Xo."

Odom has been silent since he issued his statement about his deactivation from the Mavericks on Monday, but his wife was not short on words.

In a Twitter post Kardashian wrote: "They both agreed…They both knew what was best…Now we have to figure out the rest' love this song...Blessed to have had such an amazing experience. Short but very sweet."