Mexican Company and Twinkies: Bimbo Bear Searching for Cream Filling? (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO:Facebook/Bimbo Bakery)Bimbo Bakery to buy up Hostess?

The Hostess brand is heading to the auction block, following an announcement that the company would be shutting down. But that may not mean an end to Twinkies. A Mexican company called Bimbo, which is credited as being the largest bread maker in the world, may have plans to buy the brand.

Grupo Bimbo is no stranger to acquiring foreign companies. With other baking goods companies like Mrs. Baird's Bakeries and Sara Lee already under his belt, Daniel Servitje who runs Bimbo, has already shown interest in Hostess in the past. The Bimbo company attempted a deal in 2007 during which time Hostess was also facing bankruptcy, but the deal fell through. Bimbo is also responsible for stocking grocery stores with familiar items like Entenmann's and Thomas' English Muffins.

According to Forbes, Bimbo posted a profit of over $3 billion in sales almost a decade ago and that number has more than doubled since. Bimbo's interest in the Hostess brand has been ongoing, according to Forbes, which reported that the company's interest began even before 2007, based on market analyst research.

"In the early 2000s, analysts widely speculated that Bimbo thought Hostess a key ingredient for North American expansion with delivery routes that penetrated across the country into convenience stores, gas stations and grocery markets," Forbes has reported.

The company would likely be starting with a large fan base. A number of customers have shared concern for the Hostess company, remarking that products like Twinkies are a staple part of their childhood memories.

"I hope Hostess makes it through this. I use to love those treats as a kid. Everyone kid should experience hostess snake at least once," one user wrote on the Forbes blog.

Others firms that may have an interest in buying up the company could include ConAgra and Flowers Food, the American company behind Nature Valley granola, as well as McKee Foods, baker of Little Debbie snack cakes.