Mexico Volcano Eruption: Popocatepetl Volcano Cancels Flights From Mexico City (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A Mexico volcano eruption has grounded more than 40 flights this week, with the Popocatepetl volcano spewing huge amounts of volcanic ash into the atmosphere.

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A Mexico volcano eruption has resulted in dozens of flights being canceled from Mexico City.

Several airlines took emergency measures and canceled flights, including U.S. Airways, Delta, United, American and Alaska Airline to avoid any potential safety risks caused by the eruption.

It has been reported that 47 flights in total were canceled to and from Mexico City and Toluca, according to

Mexico City airport spokesman Jorge Gomez did however, confirm that although some airlines had grounded their flights, the airport was still open and that some Mexican airlines were still flying, believing there to be no significant risk caused by the eruption.

Gomes said: "The decision not to fly from Mexico City has been made by these airlines, but the airport is in operable conditions."

Gomez also confirmed that various flights to Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Fort Lauderdale were all delayed by the volcanic eruption.

The volcano has been active through this year, but the eruptions have generally been small and authorities have not so far ordered any forced evacuations from the local region.

National emergency services coordinator Luis Felipe has said that Mexico City was more concerned about the volcanic ash contaminating water than the resulting molten rock and lava from the eruption.

Lugo said: "If there is an eruption, we wouldn't evacuate Mexico City. For us the main risk is the handling of volcanic ashes."

Here is a video news report of the volcano eruption: