Miami Bath Salts Ban; Zombie Cannibal Attack Sparks Action (PHOTOS)

A law is being tentatively approved by a Miami county commission to outlaw the sale of the synthetic drug bath salts, following huge amounts of publicity surrounding the drug being connected to zombie-like attacks taking place.

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Diario DiaaDia ‏)Rudy Eugene, 31, shot and killed after attacking homeless man and eating his face.

It has been reported that bath salts can make users aggressive and violent, and can even make some who react badly completely lose their senses. Despite the scary side-affects the drug is easily purchased at convenient stores.

If the ban is to become law it will face a vote for final approval in July.

Miami police have already reported to commissioners that there has been a high increase in people being hospitalized through the use of bath salts, and it is becoming an increasingly big problem.

The ban could potentially also ban the sale or advertisement of anything structurally similar to a list of banned compounds, with anyone caught infringing the ban facing a fine of $500.

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(Photo: Handout-Jackson Memorial Hospital)Ronald Poppo is "doing well" and is recovering two weeks after the horrific cannibal style attack he suffered in Miami.

Last month a horrific incident shocked the nation when Rudy Eugene, who some suspect may have been high on bath salts, was described as a "zombie" as he attacked homeless man Ronald Poppo and started tearing off and eating his face.

Eugene was seen by witnesses walking around naked alongside the MacArthur Causeway in Miami before accosting Poppo.

Poppo, who was sleeping at around 2 p.m. when the incident occurred, awoke being beaten by Eugene. Eugene beat Poppo semi-unconscious before undressed the lower half of his dazed victim before straddling him and ripping up his face with his teeth. As a result of the attack Poppo suffered horrific injuries, but survived, and is currently undergoing a series of surgeries and skin grafts to try and recover some of his face. He has however apparently lost one of his eyes, which was gauged out, and most of his nose.

"It looks like his eyes are gone – or at least one is totally missing - so the orbits need to be reconstructed by an ophthalmologist. The most challenging aspect of the surgery will be his nose, which seems to also have been eaten off," Dr. Salzhauer, who is treating Poppo has said.

Eugene, who is suspected to have been on bath salts, was shot and killed by police after refusing to stop the cannibal attack. Toxicology reports, however, are still being not back and the drugs in Eugene's system have not been confirmed.