Miami Dolphins' Brandon Marshall Traded to Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphin wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, has been traded to the Chicago Bears for two undisclosed third-round draft picks.

On Tuesday league insiders said that the 27-year-old had been picked up by Chicago although both teams are yet to officially announce the trade, according to ESPN.

The move will reunite Marshall with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, as the two had previously played together in Denver.

A combination of salary caps and field stats reportedly led the Dolphins to trade their wide receiver, with Marshall catching 81 passes for 1,214 yards last season, and making six touchdown catches but dropping at least five.

Marshall, renowned for his ability to break and dodge tackles, was due to receive $9.3 million, $9.1 million and $9.1 million with the Dolphins in the next three years, and the trade now increases the Dolphins' salary cap space.

On the contrary, the move reduces the Bears' available salary cap space from $23.5 million to $14.2 million with Marshall counting $9.3 million toward the cap this year.

According to insiders the Bears had been searching for a big-play target to complement Cutler, and the team has not had a receiver with a 1,000-yard receiving season in nine years.

Football fans took to Twitter to weigh in on the trade and many Bears fans appeared to be excited by Marshall's move to Chicago.

"Brandon Marshall is a Chicago Bear. Leetttsssssgggooooo. Can't wait for the fall," Jamie Resseguie tweeted.

"Today is a great day..@HennOrJenn26 gets resigned and bears make trade for brandon
marshall..great for us!!" Lance Briggs tweeted.

"Time for the #beast to come out of his cage. Welcome to chitown Brandon Marshall," Brian Antwon tweeted.