Miami Heat Interested in Carlos Boozer?

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)Carlos Boozer with the Chicago Bulls in 2011.

Many people probably think Carlos Boozer is already a washed-up basketball player who can no longer play in the toughest basketball league in the world, but one of the teams fighting for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference is reportedly keeping an eye on the two-time former All-Star.

ESPN's Marc Stein reports that the Miami Heat have expressed interest in signing Boozer. There's one caveat, though. Boozer is currently playing for China's Guangdong Southern Tigers, and if they go deep in the playoffs and reach the championship series it may be too late for him to sign with the Heat.

Boozer is eligible to play in the playoffs since he didn't suit up in the National Basketball Association (NBA) this season. However, in order to play in the postseason, he has to sign with the team before the season ends on April 12.

Well, fans who want to see him in a Heat uniform will have to hope that his team loses. Boozer isn't the same player he once was, but he can still play. The question is, can he really contribute enough to help the Heat secure a spot in the postseason? A lot of observers have their doubts, but the Heat do need to add more depth to their frontline.

"Sure. Why not? Well, there are lots of reasons why not. Boozer is 35, and has had multiple injuries that have sapped his athleticism. He's a veteran, though, so at least that one I can understand. Boozer has been on teams that went to conference finals. He's honestly kind of underrated in retrospect. He's not going to help a team in the playoffs, but he can be a guy you break glass in case of emergencies for," CBS Sports' Matt Moore said in his piece.

Aside from the Heat, Stein said the Los Angeles Lakers are also keeping tabs on Boozer.