'Michael J. Fox Show:' Actor Talks Making a Sitcom Based on His Life

Michael J. Fox makes his triumphant return to television with a sitcom simply called "The Michael J. Fox Show." The show is based on his real life, and Fox recently spoke about why he chose his own life as the subject of a sitcom.

Though Fox would occasionally have guest roles on television shows, he did not do much acting since being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He explained why he has decided to return to acting.

"I started to think about doing my own show as a result of my guest-starring roles on Boston Legal, Rescue Me and The Good Wife. I was feeling good that viewers accepted my characters and could distinguish them from me, for whatever brief amount of time. And then it just clicked with me that acting is what I do. It's what I like to do. So I'd better have a really good reason for not doing it," Fox said, according to TV Guide.

Fox went on to explain how he made his character in "The Michael J. Fox Show" like his real life self.

"We decided to make my character, Mike Henry, a local TV anchor in New York City because we wanted to play with celebrity a bit. Mike can walk down the street and people know who he is and say hello. That's an important part of the story I want to tell - the empathy that people have for me. They feel like they know me. They feel a connection through their own experiences and what they've gone through with their families. That familiarity translates well to a local news guy," Fox said, according to TV Guide.

Fox is excited about the show, and has high hopes for its success.

"I feel good about the work that we've done. I'm confident people are going to like it. I hope it does well, because it's everything I hoped it would be. And more," the actor said.