Michael Jackson Auction Profits Triple Expectations (VIDEO)

Michael Jackson’s famous Holmbly Hills, Calif. home has fetched close to $1 million from an auction that sold many of the items inside.

Michael Jackson's home in which he died in June 2009 has brought in close to $1 million.Photo : (REUTERS/Julien's Auctions/Handout)Michael Jackson's home in which he died in June 2009 has brought in close to $1 million, with his armoire selling for $25,750. "Train, perfection March April Full out May" was written on the glass mirror, the Reuters photo released on Dec. 11 revealed, a message which the singer presumably left for himself in reference to his "This Is It" upcoming tour.


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As per request of the family, the bed on which the King of Pop died on June 25, 2009 was not sold, but most of everything else was up for bidding, The Daily Mail reported.

The rug beneath the bed went for as much as $15,360. A kitchen chalk board with family messages brought in $5,000, while an armoire where the singer wrote messages on the mirror was sold for $25,750. The full list of items has not been released by Julien’s Auctions, the company that handled the bidding, but it is projected that the total profits doubled or even tripled the pre-auction estimate of $200,000 to $400,000.

Jackson’s death has still been making front-page news more than 2 years after the fatal propofol intoxication incident, due to the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered the lethal dose. Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced last month to four years in prison.

The pop singer had been preparing for a big comeback tour titled “This Is It,” and had been renting the mansion before his death. Other items that were bought by collectors included artwork and furniture. The auction house apparently re-created the rooms inside the real Holmbly Hills home, but laid out fan tributes to the King of Pop in the place where the bed would have been.

Darren Julien, the president of Julien Auctions, said: "Michael Jackson has the greatest fans in the world. I can see why he lived for them." He continued: "They came out every day this week to bring gifts. It's unlike anything we've ever seen as it relates to a celebrity and their fans."

 Michael Jackson Auction Triple Profit Expectations