Michael Jackson Death Trial: 'They're Going to Kill Me,' Jackson Told Son

Michael Jackson's son, Prince, testified at his father's wrongful death trial this week. Among one of the more startling revelations was the fact that Jackson told his son that AEG Live executives were "going to kill me."

"After he got off the phone, he would cry," Prince told the court. "He would say, 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me,'" Prince said, noting that his father was speaking of AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips and ex-manager Dr. Tohme Tohme.

Prince provided a detailed description of his father's last moments, which were traumatizing to the young boy who had to comfort his even younger siblings.

Jackson was "hanging halfway off the bed, his eyes were rolled back," Prince said. He ran into the room and saw Dr. Conrad Murray performing CPR on his dad, though nothing brought Jackson back.

Paris repeatedly kept trying to enter the room, "but we kept pulling her down the stairs. She was screaming the whole time saying she wants her daddy," Prince testified. Then later, at the hospital, Murray looked at Prince and said, "Sorry kids, your dad's dead."

"I can't sleep at night," Prince later said. "I have a hard time sleeping."

Sister Paris was questioned in March by AEG Live lawyers and was supposed to testify in front of the court, but she attempted to commit suicide and has been hospitalized ever since. The stress of the trial hit her hard, Prince said.

"I think out of all my siblings, she was probably hit the hardest because she was my dad's princess. She had some problems before, after and, I assume, during," Prince explained. "She definitely is dealing with it in her own way."

"Right now I don't know if Blanket realizes what he lost," Prince said of his youngest sibling. "He was so young. He is still growing up just like I am and he doesn't have a father to guide him."

AEG Live attempted to get Blanket to testify at the trial, but a judge denied their request after a psychologist said that it would cause him harm.

The trial is expected to last until August.