Michael Jackson Trial: Dermatologist Denies He’s Reason For Death

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, denied allegations that he was the reason for Jackson’s addiction to Demerol.

Demerol is a narcotic painkiller, which was alleged to have contributed to Jackson’s death from a self-injected dose of propofol.

Jackson visited Klein 18 times from April through June 2009, receiving Botox and Restalyne injections as well as Demerol.

Klein denied any wrongdoing to ABC News’ Jim Avila.

"You know the answer, sir. No. 'Cause there were no results that show, in toxicology reports, there was any Demerol in his body," Klein said. "All they found in his body were all the drugs that were ... given to him by Conrad Murray -- so I had nothing to do with addicting him to any substance."

Speaking for the first time since the accusations Klein said, “It’s more than disturbing to me. It’s alarming. I did nothing. I’m not involved in this. Mike was not a drug addict.”

Dr. Conrad Murray’s attorney accused Klein of giving Jackson Demerol three to four times a week. Klein said his prescribed doses were not high enough to become addicted.

Klein was not allowed to testify during the trial. He said he was being used as a scapegoat for Murray, who he says is an incompetent doctor.

Klein said he gave Michael Jackson Demerol during facial reconstructive surgeries. It has long been rumored that Jackson has had several plastic surgeries done to his face.

The defense attorney’s for Murray are trying to persuade jurors that Jackson was a drug addict who caused his own death by self-medicating on propofol and lorazepam.

When asked whether he thought Murray was responsible for Jackson’s death, Klein said, “There’s no question. You can’t deliver drugs when you’re incompetent.”