Michael Jackson's Oldest Son Prince Promotes Fashion Collection Styled After Father

'Thriller' and 'Beat It' Jackets Listed for $2,350 on Amazon

Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince Jackson, has started endorsing a brand called J5 Collection, a fashion line by Marc Laurent that is meant as a homage to the Jackson Five star and King of Pop.

The signature red leather jackets, in two variations, made famous by Jackson's appearance in the music video "Thriller," are the recent addition to the collection and are going on sale on AmazonThursday. They are all signed by the four remaining members of the Jackson Five.

Prince Jackson was reportedly present when members of the Jackson family were getting the products autographed. He told CNN in an exclusive interview that he was not endorsing the product for money, but to help his uncles, Michael Jackson's brothers.

None of the marketing materials for the jackets includes the boy's name or image.

The lawyer for Prince Jackson's grandmother, Katherine, said that steps are being taken to "make sure that going forward everything with the children is done by the book," CNN reported, which some have interpreted to mean that the young Jackson is going to be slowly initiated into the secrets of making money off the family brand.

The public endorsement by Prince Jackson is also seen with excitement by Michael Jackson's fans across the globe, since the world did not get many opportunities to see or know much about the pop star's children, who were being protected from the public eye.

The J5 Collection was launched out of Los Angeles, Calif., in 2010. It is "a celebration of the Jackson brothers' achievements as the international music group, the Jackson 5," according to the product description.

Marc Laurent teamed up with the J5 Collection to "design a small clothing line to honor Michael Jackson" in what is to be the designer's re-creations of the "Thriller" and "Beat It" jackets, "each specially designed to emulate the look and feel of the iconic clothing items worn by the King of Pop."

The jackets are listed for $2,350 on Amazon.com