Michael Jordan Marriage License Obtained: NBA Star Set Date for Mansion Wedding?

Former NBA star Michael Jordan and his longtime girlfriend, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto, applied for a marriage license on Thursday.

Despite facing legal battles with former love interest Pamela Smith, Jordan appeared at the main Palm Beach County courthouse Thursday morning to apply for a marriage license, according to a source from the court office. Smith, now 48, filed a lawsuit last month claiming that her Jordan was the father to her 16-year-old son. Smith is suing the Hall of Fame star for child support and previous medical bills.

The lawsuit, however, has not prevented Jordan from going forward with wedding plans. Kathy Burstein, a spokeswoman in the clerk's office at the courthouse, confirmed Jordan and Preito's appearance to the Associated Press. The couple first became engaged in December of 2011.

The wedding date has been set for April 27 and will include a "lavish ceremony," according to Radar online.

"The lavish ceremony will reportedly take place in South Florida, most likely at Jordan's mansion on Jupiter island," Radar reported. "His neighbor and good friend Tiger Woods is expected to attend."

In December, a video of Jordan's proclaimed son, Taj, surfaced on YouTube. In the video, the boy said he wished that Jordan would play a "more active role" in his life, adding that he would do the same for his own son if he had one.

"He should be more in my life about it too, 'cause if I was somebody's dad, I would want to be in my kid's life, ya feel me?" Taj is seen saying in the video. "So the reason I'm making this video is for everybody to know, for him to come out of the dark and stop being secretive about it."

In the suit, Smith has also requested that Taj's legal last name be changed to Jordan.