Michael Phelps Break Up Due to Relationship 'Going Nowhere'?

Olympian Michael Phelps has allegedly broken up with girlfriend Megan Rossee, after dating for less than one year. The two were together at the 2012 London Olympics and made their official debut in August.

Phelps reportedly felt the relationship "wasn't going anywhere" and broke it off to "pursue other options," TMZ reported. Neither Phelps nor Rossee has confirmed or denied the story, but their Twitter accounts may provide some sustenance to the rumors.

"Things happen for a reason…" Phelps posted on Monday morning.

Later, Rossee posted a reply of sorts when she uploaded a link to a photo with the text: "A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything."

Of course, no one knows exactly what led to the relationship's demise, but Phelps has not been very secretive about his romantic interests. It was one year ago that he ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend Nicole Johnson. At the time, Phelps was training for the 2012 Olympics, which may have contributed to the break up.

The two had been together for several years, and Johnson had even traveled to Shanghai to support him in the FINA World Championships. Yet for some reason the relationship fell apart, and Phelps was the first to declare himself single, the New York Post reported.

Prior to dating Johnson, Phelps was linked to Ashley Finestone, whom he reportedly dated for over two years. The couple managed to keep their relationship a secret from the media, largely in part because Finestone was "terrified of the media coming between them," a source told Radar Online in 2011.

Phelps is now retired from Olympic swimming, having become the most decorated American Olympian of all time. He wrapped up his career at the 2012 Olympics in London and plans to do more work with the Michael Phelps Foundation, which he created after the 2008 Olympics.