Michael Phelps in Las Vegas, Wins $100,000 at Poker

Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps has allegedly won $100,000 playing poker in Las Vegas recently.

Phelps, who recently became the most decorated Olympian of all time after another successful Olympic Games in London 2012, is currently taking a world tour with a group of friends. As part of that trip his group recently made a stop over in Las Vegas, where Phelps made his large win.

During the game of poker Phelps allegedly won over $100,000, according to TMZ. The gold medalist was not tempted to overstay his good luck and left Caesar's Palace with the winnings in hand. The group then went to the Tryast nightclub at the Wynn, the same hotel where Prince Harry stayed at a few weekends ago.

Phelps' time at the hotel, however, appears to have been a little less wild than Prince Harry, who was engulfed in a nude photo scandal that has embarrassed the British Royal Family.

One Internet user has suggested that although there was no scandal on the scale of Prince Harry, he had in fact secured photos of the swimmer partying.

"He's a cool guy....I took a few pix with him at Tryst," Elle1012 wrote on the TMZ blog. A handful of other users also suggested that they too were at the club.

Some have been weary of Phelp's example of gambling, and have pointed out that the swimmer probably had to spend a massive amount of money in order to win the amount he finally gathered.

"Ok, but how much did he spend for a big win? Curious about that, don't know much about gambling. Seems like people who get the big payoff drop a bundle before hand," one Internet blogger called Julies wrote.