Michael Vick's Nude Picture Scandal: Quarterback Struggles, Voted as 'Most Hated' NFL Player

Michael Vick’s upsetting loss to the Chicago Bears Monday was one of many issues for the Eagles’ quarterback this week, after becoming the center of a nude photograph scandal and the most hated player in the league.

A woman who chose to remain nameless is attempting to sell the images of Vick for money. The quarterback can be identified in the images because of his tattoos.

“He is in the bathroom of the hotel room the night before the game taking the photos of himself,” said the woman, according to RadarOnline.com. “It is from the neck down with all tattoos visible.”

Although Vick’s representatives did not outright deny the claims of an existing photograph, a statement was made to Radar concerning the matter.

“The rest of what this woman is claiming isn't worth dignifying,” said Vick’s representative Rick French.

Instead of worrying about the images, French said Vick was "focused" on the Chicago Bears game he would start.

“The only thing Mike has on his mind is his date with the Chicago Bears this evening,” French told Radar on Monday.

Vick’s game was subpar in the Eagles’ 30 to 24 loss to the Bears Monday night. The Eagles’ QB fell 0 to 4 as a starter in a Bears’ game, contributing 21 of 38 passes for 213 yards with one interception.

“They did some things differently that we didn't expect. I think for the most part, we were able to handle it,” said Vick after the game. “They played good sound defense and they were able to keep me contained. The linebackers were running pretty good and made the plays that they needed to make and we didn't make enough."

Although many people show respect for Vick’s previous performances on the field, a recent dislike for the quarterback surfaced during a week that proved to be taxing for the NFL player.

Before the game, Nielson and E-Poll Market Research released data about Vick voted as the "most hated" NFL player.

The poll claims that 60 percent of people who participated said they “dislike,” “dislike somewhat,” or “dislike a lot” when surveyed about the QB.

No stranger to controversy, the NFL star served 21 months in prison for dog fighting in 2007. Vick told the Dallas Press he was focused on football despite the scrutiny.

“What really counts is when you step onto the football field and whoever wins or loses the game,” Vick said after negative reports surfaced about him. “That’s what matters.”