Michael Vick's Rib Injury Hurting the Eagles?

More than three months after acquiring a six year $100 million deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick’s broken ribs are posing a problem.

Vick, Eagles’ quarterback, proved his worth by working his way into the starting position last season and led his team to the NFC East title. Since then, the Eagles proclaimed that the QB would be their franchise player.

However, Vick missed his second straight game when he sat on the sidelines against the New England Patriots Sunday. The QB broke two of his lower ribs while losing to the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 13.

Although Vince Young has filled in for Vick twice since his injury, the predicament has put the team in a 4-7 standing. The team that looked to be a contender for the Super Bowl in the beginning of the season now has slim chances of making the playoffs without improvement.

Aside from losing 38-20 on Sunday, the Eagles’ Young was able to surpass his career best in throwing after passing 400 yards. However, the QB reinforcement did not make any touchdown passes in the game until the last 32 seconds of the fourth quarter.

Eagles fans were angry with coach Andy Reid chanting, “Fire Andy” after watching their team lose without Vick.

However, Reid did not seem to let the backlash upset him during Sunday’s chants.

"The way we played, I can understand," Reid said.

Fans of the two quarterbacks have had conflicting views on the topic of whether Young was a good replacement for Vick and the Eagles.

One fan pointed out that Young has been holding his own as a starting QB in Vick’s absence.

“Michael Vick has two completions of 40 yards or more in his last five starts,” one fan tweeted. “Vince Young has two completions of 40 yards or more in his first quarter."
Another was less excited about watching Vick’s stand-in.

"Who really wants to see Vince Young throw a football,” another person questioned on Twitter. “Really?"

Before his injuries, the Eagles guaranteed $40 million to Vick in his long-term 6-year contract with the team. Andy Reid, Eagles’ coach, said Vick deserved long term backing from the team.