Michele Bachmann's Audience Laughs During Debate

During a recent debate Rep. Michele Bachmann caused an eruption of laughter from the audience when she answered a question by revealing that she "doesn't do political speeches."

On Tuesday, Bachmann was debating opponent Jim Graves when her declaration of avoiding any type of political speech occurred. The video has since gone viral.

Many political pundits on both sides of the isle have taken her statement and have used it to highlight the comical nature of some politicians during this intense political season.

During the section of the debate that was focused on "entitlement reform," Bachmann's opponent accused her of not explaining the specifics of her position and also of not detailing how the changes to such programs would directly affect her constituents.

Graves, having not been satisfied with the answer Bachmann gave, pointed out that the congresswomen holds a vague position.

He stated that the congresswomen just provided some elegant prose, but had still not answered the question, a complaint that has repeatedly come up during all levels of political campaigns during this election season.

"You just heard some political speak there … Again, Michele doesn't say what she's for. She says what she's against," Graves told the audience.

Bachmann's response was brief and direct, but left the audience reeling.

"This is a moral issue. We can't go down the path that we're in … I've very much been a part of the solution and it's insulting to say these are political speech because that's one thing I do not do is political speech."

The audience immediately erupted in laughter as the moderator tried to regain her composure and finish the debate.

Bachmann has previously been the subject of discussion for her unusual claims. The GOP congresswomen drew criticism when she described that Planned Parenthood's goal was to become the "LensCrafters of Big Abortion."

She also drew national ire after she stated that she believes that those individuals who were supporting President Obama "are anti-American, by and large."