Michelle Duggar Most Memorable Wedding Gift an Omen of Large Family?

(Photo: Instagram/DuggarFam)Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at their wedding 30 years ago.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and revealed the most memorable present they received in 1984. The gift may have been an omen of things to come for the family, which now has 19 children and three grandchildren.

"When Jim Bob and I were setting up our home, we had a beautiful wood table that folded out so that you could add leaves and make it really big. We found it used and just loved it. Of course, when we were first married, we kept it folded down because there were just two chairs and the two of us at the time. So, as a surprise, a sweet elderly couple that lived near us arranged to make us something really special for the table. They were like our adopted grandparents and they lived three doors down from our first honeymoon cottage," Michelle wrote on her blog for TLC.

The elderly couple gave Jim Bob and Michelle a crocheted tablecloth, one that would fit the table, even once it was opened to its full size.

"When they presented it to me, I just cried," Michelle wrote. "I had dreamed of the day we could expand the table to its fullest and see a big family around it. That tablecloth has been a special keepsake all these years and I have used it over and over."

The Duggar family has grown immensely since then, making Michelle's dream come true. She and husband Jim Bob decided to put their faith in God and trust God with however many children they would have. Their children have grown up in part on TV, thanks to TLC's hit show, "19 Kids & Counting," which has had to change its name a few times due to Michelle's pregnancies. Now, though, it's their children that are starting their own families in the same manner.

Eldest son Josh and his wife Anna have already welcomed three children, and daughter Jill recently married her beau. The two have already talked about having their own large family and trusting God to guide them in their marriage and lives.

"19 Kids & Counting" airs on TLC.