Michelle Obama Eye Roll With John Boehner Due to Smoking Joke?

Michelle Obama received attention after she seemed to roll her eyes at Republican House Speaker John Boehner, and now a lip reading expert claims to have unearthed the conversation that seemingly left the first lady of the United States miffed.

After Boehner said something to the first lady who was seated between he and President Barack Obama during the inaugural luncheon that took place Monday, video has surfaced of Mrs. Obama shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Larry Wenig, a lip reading expert, told "Inside Edition" that the topic of conversation resulting in the first lady's eye roll may have been about smoking.

According to Wenig's belief, Boehner seems to have asked President Obama whether he was able to smoke a cigarette before lunch. Although the president has reportedly quit smoking, Wenig thought Boehner referenced Mrs. Obama for the reason the president no longer took part in the habit saying, "Somebody won't let you do it."

While "Inside Edition" reported that Boehner's quip about smoking could be the reason for Mrs. Obama rolling her eyes at the Republican Speaker, he does not think he was the recipient of the first lady's dismissive expression.

John Fleming, Republican representative of Louisiana, said he recently spoke to Boehner at a closed-door meeting with House Republicans on Tuesday. Fleming told Yahoo! News that Boehner thought Mrs. Obama may have been reacting to another conversation when her expression of what seems to be annoyance went viral.

"He said they were just having a casual conversation. He said he doesn't know why she rolled her eyes. It was nothing they were communicating on that would be a reason to do that, so he's not sure," Fleming told Yahoo! News. "Maybe she heard something else. He was speculating that maybe there was another conversation she was hearing."