Michelle Obama 'Mid-Life Crisis' Inspired Bangs

Is Michelle Obama going through a mid-life crisis? The First Lady jokingly told TV host Rachael Ray that a "crisis" is what led her to dramatically change her hair.

"This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs. I couldn't get a sports car. They won't let me bungee jump. So instead, I cut my bangs," Obama told Ray during a recent interview that will air on Wed., Feb. 20.

Obama, a fashion icon for many followers, shook things up when she debuted the new hairstyle last month before the Inauguration. The bangs have inspired others to change their own looks, and have even been the subject of a skit on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show."

Many are divided about the look, but husband President Barack Obama made certain to weigh in on the look in a favorable way.

"I love her bangs," he said at a reception the night before the Inauguration. "She looks good. She always looks good."

"Michelle's bangs are bangin' hot. They're a keeper. Rock on, Michelle!" Ceeleelee posted on ABC News.

"She's attractive and I like her sense of style. She's got a good eye for the shape and color of clothes," Anonobserver added on NYDailyNews.com.

Since becoming First Lady, Obama has had to deal with critiques of her personal and professional style. During the first Inauguration Ball, she made Jason Wu a household name by wearing one of his creations; the famous white dress now hangs in the Smithsonian Museum of National History.

Obama chose to wear another dress by Wu for the second Inaugural Ball as well as the most recent State of the Union. She has inspired other designers and those who want to share her sense of style. But Obama has also been careful to wear more affordable clothing, such as items from the Gap or Banana Republic.

Her interview with Rachael Ray will air Wed., Feb. 20. Check your local listings for times.