Michelle Obama Tells 'Vogue' What the President Has Taught Her

Michelle Obama is reportedly covering the April "Shape" issue of Vogue Magazine in April where she opened up about the greatest lesson that she has learned from her husband President Barack Obama.

Mrs. Obama gracing the cover of Vogue will make it her second time, and the 49-year-old reportedly decided to open up about her 20-year marriage. Despite her busy schedule, the First Lady told the publication that she has made her family a priority while in The White House.

"Our job is, first and foremost, to make sure our family is whole. You know, we have small kids; they're growing every day," she told Vogue. "But I think we were both pretty straightforward when we said, `Our No. 1 priority is making sure that our family is whole.'"

When speaking about her husband, Mrs. Obama said one of the greatest lessons that she has learned from him has to do with his calm demeanor.

"Well, patience and calm I'm borrowing. Or trying to mirror. I've learned that from my husband, that sort of, you know, ability to not get too high or too low with changes and bumps in the road," she revealed. "To do more breathing in and just going with it. I'm learning that every day."

President Obama sparked a change initiative during his first term as President, and his wife told Vogue what she has learned about learning to adjust to different transitions in her own life.

"And to the extent that I've made changes in my life, it's just sort of stepping back and seeing a change not as something to guard against but as a wonderful addition ... that can make life fun and unexpected," she said.

The President returned the favor to his wife and revealed some lessons that he learned from her in the same Vogue issue where she is featured on the cover.

"What Michelle has done is to remind me every day of the virtues of order," Obama told Vogue. "Being on time. Hanging up your clothes. Being intentional about planning time with your kids."

The pair were questioned about how they have kept their marriage intact for 20 years in a "Nightline" interview that aired the day after Christmas. While they admitted that every marriage had its high and low points, the Obamas told journalist Barbara Walters about the respect they had for one another.

"We've been married now 20 years, and like every marriage I think you have your ups and you have your downs," the President told Walters while sitting closely to his wife. "But if you work through the tough times, the respect and the love that you feel deepens."

Mrs. Obama agreed with her husband, adding, "and then there's a lot of laughter you know."