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Michelle Williams Holds Fan Competition for 'Believe In Me' Music Video

Michelle Williams Holds Fan Competition for 'Believe In Me' Music Video

Michelle Williams is back with her fourth solo album "Journey To Freedom." | (Photo: Derek Blanks)

Michelle Williams is allowing her fans to participate in her next music video for the single, "Believe In Me."

Williams, the 34-year-old singer, is gearing up to film the music video for her latest single. Before she does, she is allowing fans to record themselves singing the tune which could become a part of the montage featured in the official "Believe In Me" music video.

The singer's official website outlines the rules of the competition, which will allow people from all ages, backgrounds, locations, ethnicities, occupations and genders to participate.

"We want the videos to feel very raw and natural so no big productions please. You can sing by yourself or with other people as well," Williams' website states. "If your video is selected we are going to edit a clip of your submission together along with other fan submitted videos along with Michelle singing the song in a similar way to create an official music video for the record (ala Pharrell – Happy or Nickelback – Rockstar)."

The deadline for the competition is April 5.

Williams previously spoke with The Christian Post about her latest single, which is the most personal on her record, "Journey To Freedom." She described penning "Believe in Me," the song she most connects with on her album.

"People might tell you 'oh my gosh you're great, you have a great calling on your life,' or 'Oh your hair is so pretty today'" Williams told CP. "...If I come to you and give you a compliment, it probably should be confirmation of what you already know. I just did not believe, I didn't think I was as good as other people around me."

However, God showed Williams just how wrong she was.

"God keeps showing me time after time with the different things that He does in the industry that He's with me and that He believes in me," she told CP. "I know that it's only Him that makes a way."

Williams grew up in church all of her life and came to realize that her faith in God must also be evident in the belief she has in herself.

"He is real, and if God is real and He continues to bless me and allows me to do what I love, than I need to believe in me," she told CP. "I believe in God, but you have to believe in yourself with God."


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