Microsoft Event for October 2016 Preview: Schedule, Gadgets, Surface All-in-One, Bluetooth Keyboard and Surface Pro 5

Facebook/Surface Official PageThe Surface Book in tablet mode, with the noticeable gap in the hinge area.

Microsoft will host an event in October 26, and many believe that lots of new hardware will be introduced on this date; perhaps the next iteration of the Surface Pro, or Surface Book. The event could also be about software, such as new improvements on Windows 10, according to ZDNet.

In particular, some rumors suggest the focus of the October 26 Microsoft event is the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update. Microsoft may also introduce 3rd party original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.


Surface All-in-One

Some rumors say this event will showcase Surface All-in-One system, also known as the Surface Cardinal. According to Windows Central, "Microsoft is developing a new Surface all-in-one (AIO) PC running Windows 10."

The Surface AIO is rumored to be a living room device which comes in 3 sizes: 21-inch Full HD, 24-inch 4K and 27-inch 4K.

Bluetooth Keyboard

According to other rumors, Microsoft may also introduce a new kind of keyboard that has the look and feel of a Surface device. This Bluetooth Keyboard is said to come in gray, with a keyboard layout that is similar to the Designer Bluetooth Desktop Kit.

Surface Pro 5

PC Advisor reports the October event may see the release of the Surface Pro 5, which has otherwise been rumored to hit the shelves next year.

The Surface Pro 5 is rumored to have an updated Surface Pen. The stylus will now have a rechargeable battery which is so easy to charge; all you need to do is attach it magnetically to the side of the Surface Pro and it will automatically charge.

The Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to incorporate an advanced type of Intel Processor. As to the kind of processor it will use, it could be 6th generation Skylake processors, or it could be the new Kaby Lake processors.

The Surface Pro 5 will also come in 2K or 4K screens, 16 GM RAM, USB Type-C Ports, and camera upgrades. Aside from the Surface Pro 5, Microsoft might also launch a Surface phone.

One thing's for sure though; Microsoft will not introduce a Microsoft Band fitness device this year, according to ZDNet.


So far, Microsoft fans can only speculate about what the company will actually release in the October 26 event. Many predict that just like last year, this fall hardware event will also occur in New York City.
A Live stream of the event can be seen here.