Microsoft Modern Keyboard: Wireless Keyboard With Fingerprint Reader

MicrosoftA promotional image for the new Microsoft Modern Keyboard and Modern Mouse.

Though not as hyped as the company's hero products, Microsoft has unveiled the Modern Keyboard. Unlike typical wireless keyboards, the computer peripheral is sleek and innovative with a built-in fingerprint reader.

At first glance, the Microsoft Modern Keyboard looks just like every other keyboard on the market — albeit more fancier in appearance. This is because its most alluring feature — the fingerprint reader — has been made to look nondescript. Located on the right side of the keyboard, it looks just like any other key.

Nevertheless, Microsoft put in the time and effort to make sure that this biometric authentication feature will be reliable and will be able to run flawlessly each time it is used. Users will be able to naturally integrate unlocking their devices with the overall typing experience.

This feature is expected to work well with Windows 10 devices, especially with Windows Hello which allows password-free logins. However, Windows 10 is not a requirement for the keyboard to function. It is also compatible with MacOS and the latest Android devices.

In terms of build and design, the Microsoft Modern Keyboard features a high-quality aluminum frame that is made to last. Its minimalist design gives it an understated appearance despite the keyboard being a powerful workhorse.

Users will be able to choose between two types of usage: wired and wireless. The former will require the use of a cable while the latter will be able to operate via Bluetooth connectivity.

Aside from the Modern Keyboard, Microsoft also unveiled the Modern Mouse. It also features a sleek and simple design but delivers precise pointing and clicking. The mouse's construction also ensures a quiet performance that won't distract users from their work.

The Modern Keyboard will be available to purchase for $129.99 while the Modern Mouse is priced at $49.99. Though no official release dates for the devices have been mentioned, they are expected to arrive soon.