Microsoft Says Xbox One Live Gold Accounts Will Allow Multiple Users Access

Microsoft announced the Xbox One will be able to share its Xbox Live Gold Account with all of the features to better suit multiple users of one console.

The new feature is called "Home Gold" and will not require any further payment. It will allow the user to share their Gold account with other Live accounts on the same Xbox One.

Included in that will be multiplayer gaming, Game DVR, and SmartMatch as well as Skype and Internet Explorer, according to CVG UK.

The console will be able to designate which profiles will be able to have access to their Live Gold account even if they are logged out.

"Everyone in your home can share digital games with each other. Your Xbox One can become your virtual game library filled with digital games that different people in the home bought. Anyone can pick any digital game on your Xbox One, sign in with their own gamertag and play – even if the owner is not signed in," said Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer of XBox, on their site. "Like physical media, you can also play many digitally downloaded games without being online, although experiences will be best when connected to the internet and Xbox Live. Finally, when you purchase a digital game, you can start playing even before the entire game downloads."

Microsoft also states if the user already has the Gold account for the Xbox 360, it will transition seamlessly to the Xbox One. In fact, an owner of both can be logged in at the same time.

"Last but not least, it also means that when you buy one Xbox Live Gold membership, multiple people can enjoy the best benefits of Xbox Live Gold on your Xbox One at no additional charge," Whitten said in closing in his release.