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Microsoft Surface Phone Update: Hybrid Handset Coming in 2017?

Microsoft Surface Phone Update: Hybrid Handset Coming in 2017?

Microsoft Surface Phone is highly anticipated due to the rumor that it is going to be a hybrid device, which can be used as a tablet as well. It was initially expected to be launched mid last year, but no handset was announced by the company. Enthusiasts say that the phone will most likely be released this year.

A screenshot of Microsoft's video on how to add interests in Cortana's notebook | Microsoft

It can be recalled that CEO Satya Nadella once said that they are coming up with a unique phone that is different from that of the competitors. And since Microsoft has already presented some hybrid devices, it is not surprising that the Surface Phone can also be used like a tablet.

A recent patent was shared by MSPoweruser, showing that the handset will have foldable features so that it can be a two-in-one device. The phone is said to have a 5.5-inch display, but when used as a tablet, the screen can transform to 7.9 inches.

The patent was reportedly approved by the United States Patent and Trademark on Jan. 10, which was submitted by a person named Kabir Siddiqui on behalf of Microsoft. Tech analysts say that the patent may most likely be released since Siddiqui has proven his credibility, having to author several Surface-based products that were launched in the market.

Under the hood, the premium handset is said to pack powerful features such as an Adreno 430 graphics card with an octa-core processor. It may also be installed with Qualcomm 835 Snapdragon system on chip (SoC), a 64-bit Windows 10 and a sufficient random-access memory (RAM) size that will sustain the performance of the phone.

The Microsoft Surface Phone may also have a 21-megapixel (MP) camera and an 8 MP front one. Similar to other flagship brands, the upcoming handset may have a fingerprint scanner and an Iris scanner. Lumia 950 was installed with an Iris scanner and so Surface Phone may be taking the same route.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the rumored specs.


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