Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Details About New Hybrid Laptop Device

microsoft.comMicrosoft's latest Surface Pro product

The highly anticipated Surface Pro 5 was finally unveiled by Microsoft after the MicrosoftEDU event in Shanghai, China on May 23. However, the upcoming device will be simply called Microsoft Surface Pro 2017.

According to reports, the new Microsoft Surface Pro will feature a lot of changes in terms of its design. Based on a statement from the tech giant's corporate vice president for Surface Computing Panos Panay, the upcoming device will come with numerous custom-built parts that are not present in previous Surface Pro models.

One of the new features of the upcoming Surface Pro product is the extended back hinge that can now allow the device to lie up to a 165-degree angle. It will also come with a better 12.3-inch screen that has a 3:2 aspect ratio with 267 pixels per inch. This is reportedly better compared to the screen features of its direct competitor, the 2017 iPad Pro.

The upcoming device is also expected to have a better battery capacity that can run up to 13.5 hours. This is several hours longer than the battery capacity of the Surface Pro 4, which only runs for up to nine hours.

Other reports also reveal that the new Surface Pro device will have an Intel Core i7-7660U processor, 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of SSD.

There are also reports claiming that the next-generation Surface Pro will be released with the new Bluetooth-powered tool called the Surface Dial, which will be worth $99. It can be used for different creative functions, particularly the Surface Studio.

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro device is expected to be released at $899, but the actual price announced during the Shanghai event reveals that it will have a $799 price for its entry-level version. The high-end models are also expected to be released with a more expensive price tag.

The new Surface Pro 2017 is expected to be released later this year.