Microsoft Surface Release Date and Price Revealed

The Microsoft Surface release date and price was revealed by the company this week.

The least expensive variant of the new tablet computer will cost $499 matching up to the entry level iPad. It also undercuts some of Microsoft's allies pricing.

Even though Microsoft's device costs the same as the entry level iPad, it comes with twice the memory. However, the model does not come with the cover that functions as a keyboard that is included in the advertising of the device.

The company will also offer two higher end models with one selling for $599 that comes with a black version of the cover/keyboard, and a $699 model that has a greater storage capacity and comes with the same accessories.

Microsoft will offer the keyboard add-on in a variety of colors and it will be priced at $119 for those buying the lower end Surface model. The company will also release a keyboard that features more traditional typing for $129.99.

Microsoft announced that pre-orders for the Surface will start being offered this week and that it should be available for purchase on Oct. 26, just three days after Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini and 13-inch Retina MacBook.

This launch date will also take place just one day before Amazon releases its new line of Kindle Fire tablets in the U.K.

Stuart Miles of the tech website Pocket Lint weighed in on the Surface stating that even though it is priced the same as the iPad, it features better specifications. He also stated that this will be unclear to most consumers, who will most likely choose between Apple and Microsoft based on the brands alone.

Microsoft has invested $400 million in its ad campaign for the Surface and hopes to become a major player in the tablet market with this Windows 8 device.